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Nickel Alloys

Pure Nickel is utilised but it is more often alloyed with other metals to increase the range of properties achievable. These can be split into two groups, the first of which are the solid solution strengthened alloys of the type: Nickel Copper or Nickel Iron Chromium. These alloys do not undergo any phase change and are not hardenable by heat treatment and are usually used in the as welded condition unless other requirements such as Stress Corrosion Cracking, dimensional stability or Creep etc. are a consideration.

The second group are the Precipitation Hardenable alloys usually containing a combination of Aluminium, Titanium or Niobium in addition to Nickel, Iron and Chromium. These alloys are more complex, having enhanced mechanical properties. It is important to choose the correct filler metal and a post weld heat treatment may be required to achieve matching properties within the weld zone. These alloys are best welded in the solution annealed or aged condition.

Range of welding materials (SFA-AWS A5.14): ERNiCr3, ERNiCrMo3, ERNiCrMo3, ERNiCrMo4, ERNiCrMo10, ERNi1, ERNiCrCoMo1, ERNiFeCr1, ERNiCrMo14, ERNiCrFe7A

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