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Stainless Steel Wires and Rods

Supreme is one of the largest Brands of Stainless Steel Wire and Rods in Europe. We produce impeccable quality wire rods in various grades and different sizes at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Switzerland using the latest machines in order to provide the customers with utmost satisfaction. The biggest strength of Supreme lies in the fact that we have in-house melting operations which ensures that only the best quality wires and rods are produced in our plant.

Our Stainless Steel Wire division is well equipped with fully automatic wire rod solution. The quality of our stainless steel wire rods is well established in the international market. The Stainless Steel Wire Rods manufactured in one division serve as raw material for our Stainless Steel Wires plant.

Range of welding materials (SFA-AWS A5.18): ER307/Si, ER308L/LSi/H/AWS, ER309L/LSi, ER310/S, ER312, ER316L/LSi/H/AWS, ER317L, ER318Si, ER320LR, ER347/Si/H, ER904L, ER420, ER430Ti

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